A brand with more than 100 years' history

Project Team: IDO @ GE Appliance
My Role: concept ideation, UI design (production environment)
Skill: sketch, illustrator

Hotpoint takes care of the basics of preparing meals in every kitchen. It combines minimal desgin style with fully featured cooking functions in a way that's so simple and seamless that let users focus on cooking experience instead on the controls, while still keep the price as affordable as possible. The brand has been existing in the market for more than 100 years. It is such a well known brand that 35% of the apartments in the US has one Hotpoint suite installed.

Precise Control

With such an affordable price, we still want to make every penny paid by our customers counts. In order to achieve that, I took the old Hotpoint user interface system apart and check every detail of it to see if there is anything can be improved. I went out and talked to customers about how they feel about the product after years of using. I collaborate with industrial designers, interaction designers and cosumer insight team to craft the best product and experience as possible. After lots of reserach, meetings and feedbacks, 2014's design theme was decided on pricise control.

An Entire Brand UI Update, 2014

I was responsible for this brand UI renovention. I've done lots of reserach to come up with the 2014 theme and even more on the design of this idea. One example would be during the idea generation phase, I came up with ~60 of differnt variations for a range knob UI design. After meetings with our design team and director, I narrowed it down to only three. And than, we let the users decide. Our team invite target users to come in to do usability testing and try each one of the prototype and give us feedback they have. After that, we chose the best one, which will go into production and then into thousands of Americans' homes this year.

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